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    You have a busy social and professional life and want to invest your time as efficiently as possible. Time wasted behind the wheel is not an option, which is where Private Drivers comes in. Our drivers transport you in your own vehicle, leaving you with the hours you need to prepare for your meeting or to think about your business.

    Private Drivers is also there for you in your free time. Would you like to enjoy the exclusive wine pairings at your favourite restaurant, visit a sporting event or go shopping without the stress of parking? Are you interested in having your vehicle transported abroad, while you enjoy the ease of air travel? Private Drivers will bring you or your vehicle to your destination safely and comfortably.

    Garage visits, tyre changes or your annual vehicle inspection can also take up a lot of time. Let Private Drivers take care of these necessary trips. You can also rely on us for the care and maintenance of your old-timer.

  • Private Drivers is an exclusive driver service for those who expect a little more. An introductory meeting with the business manager ensures a specific approach from client to client. During this meeting, all practical technical matters are mapped out, even before the first journey is planned. From the type of vehicle to where the driver can best park, everything is carefully discussed. This approach ensures that we can match a suitable driver with you.

    Once you have reached your destination, your driver will be waiting on site. He will take the opportunity to refuel and polish your vehicle. If you are transported to your office, we always offer to support you with simple administrative tasks.

    Are you satisfied with your driver? Then we will do our utmost to provide you with the same driver or a similar profile.

The ultimate experience

Our conditions
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    Own vehicle

    Private Drivers transports you in your own vehicle, with an eye for service and etiquette. This applies to both working hours and your free time, at home and abroad. This allows you to turn lost driving time into productive and pleasant travelling time: a world of difference.

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    To guarantee you a carefree ride, we only transport you in vehicles with comprehensive insurance. You can also let us know in advance if the driver is permitted to drive the vehicle while waiting, for example for a tyre change or to fill up with fuel. Private Drivers guarantees sound agreements.

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    Book now

    You can reserve a driver via the link below. If you are a new client, you will first meet the manager. During a personal conversation, he will map out your wishes, the type of vehicle and all practical matters. You will then be assigned the appropriate private driver.

  • Interested in becoming a Private Driver?


    Would you like to work as a private driver for company directors? Private Drivers is looking for flexible self-employed entrepreneurs and students.


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